Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Interview with Talvin Singh

Talk? Yeah, eloquent and interesting Talvin Singh can talk. And when you are the multiskilled English cat who fused Indian bhangra with dance beats long before the Western world's recent fascination with Bollywood, you have a lot to discuss.

Particularly when he is a prominent "Asian" identity in England, which has experienced simmering racism and legislation changes since terrorist bombings struck London a year ago. "We have a policy now in the UK where I could be walking down the street with a strange-looking instrument in my hand - it could be my drums, or sitar, or whatever - and I'll be locked up for 28 days," says charming Singh, who is presenting audio/visual performance Tabtek at the Adelaide Bank Festival of Arts, and a DJ set at Womadelaide.

You can find the full interview here

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