Saturday, November 25, 2006

Baaba Maal - Senegal

This Senegalese musician plays a music without borders. Its simple and sophisticated style touches you in the eart. Baaba Maal was born in Podor, a small village located in the banks of the Senegal river, in the border with Mauritania. Since his adolescence he integrates the group "Asly Fouta", where he learns how to play various traditional instruments. He tours through all West Africa with Mansour Seck, a friend griot. Along the concerts, from village to village, he meets the older ones which tell him the history of each region and its music. When later Baaba Maal arrives in Paris, he impregnates his music with western sonorities and finds its way. It as an complete musician that he returns to Dakar. There, he creates his group "Daande Lenol" (the Voice of the People) and releases his first album "Firin' in Fouta". For "NOMAD Soul", Baaba Maal invites several international musicians: the female vocal quartet "Screaming Orpheans", from Ireland, Robbie Shakespeare, the mythical bass player of the reggae 100% jamaïcain and Brian Eno, pioneer of rock'n'roll and experimental music. These last years, the Senegalese musician is return to his origins by developing a more acoustic music.
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