Tuesday, February 27, 2007

One Love - Johnny Clegg

South African musician Johnny Clegg, who's popularly known as the 'White Zulu,' has released a new solo album, featuring a song about Zimbabwe. The CD, called "One Love", features a track critical of President Robert Mugabe's administration. It's entitled "The Revolution will eat its children"

In the song, Clegg specifically denounces the political and economic crisis in Zimbabwe. In an interview with South Africa's Mail and Guardian Newspaper, Clegg states that the song is open criticism of Mugabe's government. In the interview, Clegg adds that while culture should never be used as a weapon because that would reduce cultural value, musicians and other performers have a duty to draw attention to injustice.

In addition, Clegg says "The Revolution Will Eat its Children" is about the "inability of certain African leaders to relinquish power, despite its being time to do so."
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