Friday, March 05, 2010

Trilok Gurtu: Massical

Utpal Borpujari reviews Trilok Gurtu’s latest album "Massical"
Gurtu’s latest album ‘Massical’ reflects his thought process, which refuses to adhere to a particular genre of music — classical or mass music. Recorded in various studios in Italy, Germany and India, ‘Massical’ is what one can describe as a true international album,which involves participation by artists of various nationalities, playing compositions influenced by many cultures and instruments that come from various continents.
In a sense, this musician creates an autobiographical musical journey in this album, giving samples of various musical traditions that he has imbibed in his journey that started with the music by his mother and her contemporary classical giants. It then moved on to jazz and world music through a stint as a percussionist with RD Burman. “In the 55 minutes of ‘Massical’, I have put my entire journey from the age of five till now. I went through a lot of hardships, I had to come up with new ways of playing as people didn’t understand the way I play,” he says.
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