Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fishtank Ensemble

An opera-trained singer from the US, a French fiddle player who learned from the finest Roma players in Europe, a Mexican-born flamenco guitarist and a Serbian bass player who literally wrote the book on slap bass.

No, this isn't the cast of a new reality show. These are the eclectic and eccentric members of LA's Fishtank Ensemble. This quartet with a quirky name blazes new musical trails on their new album, Woman in Sin.

Vocalist Ursula Knudson, violinist Fabrice Martinez, guitarist Doug "Douje" Smolens and bassist Djordje Stijepovic were brought together by their passion for unbridled creativity and love of music with Roma roots.

With a new emphasis on original material and old-school skills, Fishtank Ensemble has matured into their distinctly odd yet remarkably apt name, performing a self-aware selection of twisting timbres and tempos that capture and ineffable joy.

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