Friday, December 02, 2011

Frontera Bugalú

Frontera Bugalú's Latin rhythms are here to shake hips and tap toes, regardless of age. They will cement their spot in the cumbia spotlight with their upcoming album release Friday, Nov. 25, at Tricky Falls. The self-titled album includes all original music in Frontera Bugalú's modernized cumbia style seasoned with the classical feel of Mexican border and tropical dance music. "We are definitely influenced by the works of musicians from the '70s," said Kiko Rodriguez, vocalist, accordion player and musical coordinator for the band. He grew up listening to Juan Gabriel and Los Tigres Del Norte. In his music, he draws from the desert yearning of such influential names of border music and adds the playful liveliness of their tropic counterparts like Rigo Tovar and Fito Olivares.
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