Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ghulam Ali Interview

Q: Where do you think the traditional ghazal (Urdu poem) fits into the contemporary music scene?

A: Today's music is far removed from the ghazal. 'Ghazal ek apna muqaam rakhti hai.' (Ghazal has its own status.) It's not just a genre, it's a thought, an attitude and a way of life. When a ghazal is featured in a film, it acquires exceptional longevity. My ghazal 'Chupke chupke, raat bhar' in 'Nikaah' is remembered to this day. I've sung many ghazals in films. They're all loved to this day.

Q: Do you still feel satisfied singing ghazals?

A: My love for my work remains undiminished. I never gave up singing in the style and mood that I had adopted from the start. That's what keeps my love for my art alive. One should love and respect one's own work. I never sing at a venue where my musicians and I aren't comfortable.
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