Saturday, March 10, 2007

Review: Los Hijos del Maiz - Kinto Sol

Kinto Sol’s Los Hijos del Maiz takes protest music to a new level. The Chicano rap / hip-hop group uses its music as a vehicle to denounce discrimination, prejudice and advocate for the rights of Hispanics.

The band, comprised of three brothers Skribe, DJ Playback Garcia and El Chivo, has been taking the Latin rap scene by storm after their debut album dropped in 2000. Since then, their music, with its clearly spoken Spanish lyrics set to hip-hop/rap beats, has gotten the attention of youth throughout the country.

Los Hijos del Maiz, which translantes to “Children of the Corn,” the trio’s most recent album released in mid-February, provides a balance of social commentary and great hip-hop that speaks to love and relationships. Where the 18-track album shines is when it taps into the anger, frustration and culture of some Chicanos and Mexicans.
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