Monday, March 19, 2007

Review - Nass El Ghiwane: La Légende

A Legendary Band from North Africa: The Best of ‘Nass El Ghiwane’, has gone a long musical journey and is finally available on CD so listeners can enjoy the essence of traditional Moroccan music in its best

‘Nass el Ghiwane’ was formed in the late 1960's by four young men from the impoverished district of Hay el Mohammadi in industrial Casablanca.

The group began performing in the theater troupe ‘Tayeb Essidiki,’ and while performing the piece "Al Majdoub" for Parisian crowds in the summer of 1969 they had the novel idea of using traditional Moroccan music onstage.

‘Nass el Ghiwane’ specialized in writing colloquial poetry about topics related to the social and political climate of the time, arranging their prose to music in the Moroccan tradition.
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