Monday, March 19, 2007

Review - Womad New Zealand

The best thing about Womad is wandering up to a stage and coming across something you've never heard or seen before. Where else will you see a guy from the Sahara, who's draped in traditional garb, with an electric guitar slung around his neck?

Then there are those Tuvan throat singers; the Fado diva, who looks like she'd be a right diva too; the crazy women from the Mahotella Queens who were the first act; or that Albino-African singer. And you can wash all this down with a slice of Maori bread or a curry from the Global Food Village. Yum.

Womad (World of Music Arts and Dance) is a worldwide tour showcasing the top world music groups and musicians from around the planet. It's been to New Zealand many times but after the success of New Plymouth's first Womad in 2005, organisers claimed it had found its natural home at the beautiful Bowl of Brooklands.

And on Friday night, as French/Argentine group Gotan Project woo the crowd with their saucy brand of Argentinian Tango, that claim is in no doubt. Gotan tell the crowd it's the nicest place they've ever played, and who's arguing? It is one of the world's best.
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