Friday, June 25, 2010

Ana Moura: Leva-me aos Fados

Michael Rofe reviews Ana Moura's Leva-me aos Fados.
Wishing to return to the house where she can recuperate from the pain of love, Ana Moura sets the tone for this wonderful exposition of contemporary fado in the title song. Fado means fate in Portuguese. This music's sad but tender themes of the heart originate in sea songs from Portugal's past as a maritime power, when its sailors left for colonies and new worlds. These are love songs, confessions of regret, but also the expression of hope for a better future. Leva-Me Aos Fados is Ana Moura's fourth recording and her best. It confirms her status as one of the best new-generation fadistas, along with her compatriots Joana Amendoeira and the more celebrated Mariza.
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