Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Interview with Kevin Crawford (Lúnasa )

James Lynch interviews Kevin Crawford from Lúnasa.
Having spent 13 years on the road with Lúnasa and looking back on those years, Barefield resident and member of the band Kevin Crawford tells how, after initial surprise at their success, the band went on to embrace their opportunity at success on the live scene. “Timing played a big part. It was around the time of everything Irish, everything Riverdance and everything Celtic. There was a lot going on in our favour and we were riding on the coat tails of that.”
Signing with Green Linnet records in 1999 was the perfect access point for the band to break the American market. The deal proved to be mutually beneficial as Green Linnet had one of their fastest and biggest selling records with Lúnasa’s Otherworld album, thus cementing the group’s reputation as one of the hottest tickets on the trad, folk and roots music scene.
The band recently parted ways with the label and released their current album Lá Nua on their own label earlier this year. “Things have changed in the recording industry, record companies are less inclined to weigh in behind you with promotional campaigns and in some cases you are reduced to just a number in a catalogue,” explains Kevin. This change is reflected in the album title. “It ties in well. Lá Nua, it’s a new day, and it’s a new day for us in terms of business and in terms of music”
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