Friday, June 25, 2010

Putumayo Presents South Africa

Steve Moffatt reviews Putumayo Presents South Africa.
If you’re throwing a party - or a wake - while you watch Harry Kewell and the lads go round the paddock over the next few weeks the Putumayo World Music label has the perfect album to set the scene for a World Cup shindig.

Like all the recordings in this excellent medium-priced series, Putumayo Presents South Africa is a compilation of different artists from several genres - an overview of the republic’s vibrant musical culture. It covers a lot of ground, from Afro-jazz, hip-hop, gospel and folk to township jive, mbaqanga and that distinctive Afro-pop sound.
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Kimberly Zewatsky said...

We all need to expand our horizons and listen to sounds from far away lands. We can then, perhaps understand those who we may fear. The Putumayo label's latest release that honors Bob Marley is a true collection of different musicians and different cultures. One common goal...great music...on one disc.